Exterior door


The doors "Thermo PDD" are made of cold-rolled galvanized steel: leaf of 1.0 mm in thickness, door-post of 1.5 mm in thickness, two models (for mounting in the center of the duct and with a frame for mounting at the end of the duct). Filling of a special technology, high-density stone wool, leaf thickness is 62 mm, door-post thickness is 105 mm. The doors are made according to the customer's dimensions.


The doors comply with:

  • The coefficient of thermal transmission – 1.1 W / (m²K)
  • The air noise-proofing index – -36 dB;
  • Aeration grade – 4;
  • Wind load resistance – C5;
  • Waterproofing – 6A;
  • Reliability rate of 200 000 opening-closing cycles, class 6;
  • The door structure corresponds to the mechanical durability class 3, the air-tightness of doors meets all requirements
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