Changing lockers

All lockers have: adjustable legs; every door has a separate lock with a key and ventilation grid.

Upon customers' request, all model lockers can be made with a 30º slanting roof. Customers may also choose the door direction opening, locker colour and configuration.

At customer's request, cabinets can be made ​​to the right size of the hot-dip galvanized or otherwise coated, corrosion-resistant steel.

Cabinets are painted in durable polyester coating (powder coating technology), or decorated.

Used for: domestic premises, locker-rooms, swimming pools, bathhouses, educational institutions, changing-rooms and other public purpose premises for safekeeping of clothes, footwear and other personal things.


Changing lockers:

MS - 1D MS -2D MS - 3D MS - 4D
MS - 2D½ MS -4D½ MS - 6D½ MS - 8D½
MS - 2DL MS -4DL MS - 6DL MS - 8DL
MSP -1D MSP - 2D MSP - 3D
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